Vision & Mision
The school realizes the importance of creating a group of future citizens for the country who think progressively and creatively to build a country that can stand up to international competition with the head held high.

Students are trained to develop the capacity of thinking on their own and rote memory is discouraged. The vision of the school is to bring out the latent talents of every student and nurture it. The school realizes that success is a journey and not a destination. Every endeavour is made to get the best from the students and differential teaching is practiced. The teachers update themselves with every new methodology that is possible to implement .

Regular training sessions are organized for them so that new techniques are available to them. Internationally recognized standards are maintained and the number of students in each class and section are kept at levels where it is possible to give individual attention. The mission is to provide holistic education to the students. The school would like to see its students emerge as future leaders in every sphere. Holding a secularist view the school makes sure the ethos of every religion is preserved by celebrating important festivals and days.

Here again the emphasis is not on the festivity but the message behind the festivity. Our mission statement is Encourage, Enable and Empower students for a bright future.