Living in a world where concrete structures have taken precedence over greenery the focus of the school is to create an ambience where the student learns to live in harmony with nature. The school is built with the Green Building Concept in mind and has adhered to the recommendations of the Indian Green Building Council. Spacious and well ventilated classrooms are our specialty. The colorful classrooms are tastefully decorated and at every turn consciousness about preserving the environment is instilled into the students mind.
A spacious and well stocked library has been built which has books of different genres namely fiction, non-fiction poetry motivation and leadership, fables, fairy tales etc for different age groups. Number of reference text books and subject related books are available for the teacher to update his/her knowledge. A librarian with knowledge of automated library management knowledge aids the students to borrow books and also makes sure they use their library periods effectively.
Mathematics Laboratory
The brain child of a student Nischal the school has bought the resources which have been recommended by NCERT for schools. It is housed in a spacious room where students gain hands on experience and learn difficult Mathematical concepts with ease. Our aim is that Mathematics should no longer be a subject to be feared.
Computer Laboratory
Today’s student cannot compete without being tech savvy and in order to make sure that our students do not lag behind in the race to the top the school has a well equipped computer lab with the state of the art equipment and internet facility . Students work on this and many of their projects brings out their creative talents.
Science Laboratory
Many scientists had their birth in the labs of small size. They tried and failed and tried again till they succeeded. We also believe that the budding scientists of our country take birth in the science labs of schools. In order to nurture this undying curiosity we have provided our students with the state of the art science laboratory with the latest equipments.
English Laboratory
English is a universal language and its knowledge has become of prime importance to all students. The school facilitates this with a laboratory where the speaking and listening skills are honed. A weekly timetable for all classes is drawn to use this facility and enhance these areas of language learning. In addition to this the school is tied up with the Trinity college of London for its GESE examinations and special training by experts is provided.
Recreational facilities
The school boasts of a huge playground where in addition to a special play area for pre-primary students, tennis court and basketball court are available. In addition the school houses a cricket academy run by one of the premier coaches of the city. We also provide specialized coaching in these three games four days a week after school hours. Adding more games to the list is on the anvil.
A new craze among students is robotics. The mystery of unraveling the way a machine can work like a man is a hit among students. In order to quench this thirst we have a robotics workshop once a week where they learn to make small machines and also learn to make it work.