House system

Today we live in a world of competition and education should prepare students to face life with ease. Team work, group discussions etc are the order of the day. Students should know how to compete and at the same time learn to work cooperatively in a group. The house system enables students to do this and also learn that competition needs to be healthy. At the same time it brings out the acumen of the student and they explore horizons never tried before. The five houses are Aakash, Agni, Jal, Prithvi and Vayu.

This means the sky and is grey in colour. It symbolizes subtleness, softness, lightness, generosity and idealism.

It means fire and is red in colour. Agni is associated with boldness, strength, persistence and dynamism.

The house represents water and is associated with the qualities of wisdom, softness, intelligence and flexibility. It is blue in colour.

It refers to mother earth and the qualities it associates itself with stabilitythoughtfulness,patience and hardwork. Its green in colour.

It represents yellow and means air or ether. The qualities of coolness, mobility and lightness are typical characteristics.

Every activity is graded and points are awarded to the houses. Inter House competitions are held and they are also evaluated. The end of the year the best house is awarded a trophy. The criteria for grading are known to the students and there is fierce and healthy competition among them to bag the coveted trophy.
Investiture Ceremony
Every year elections are conducted for the posts of Head Boy and Girl, Sports Captain and Vice Captain, Cultural Secretary and Assistant Secretary, Student Coordinators, House Captains and Vice Captains. These student leaders are guided by House Masters and Mistresses. A formal ceremony to vest powers on these leaders is conducted in the school in the presence of the parents.
Annual Day & Sports Day
The most awaited event for the year is Annual day and Sports day. This is held every alternate year and every child takes part in the programme. A central theme is selected for Annual day and all the items revolve round this theme. The choice of the theme is generally around topics of wide interest or something which has been in the news.
Green Hour
This is a one of its kind event held every year at Arbor. Reiterating the importance of nature and living together with nature is the crux of the event. Students are taught through the year the importance of living in harmony with the environment and their learning is showcased with the Green Hour Exhibition. Every year a topic of interest related to the environment is chosen and every child is taught to research on it with guidance of the teachers. The student then exhibits his/her research in their classes to the public. The eco club also is a part of this activity. Gardening and planting of trees and saplings on every possible occasion is entertained. The school insists that celebrating birthdays is better done by donating a sapling or book to the school than distributing sweets.