Co-Curricular Activities
Learning subjects and being inside the class all the time doesn’t foster a good scenario for students. A day at school should be a mix of learning and recreation for the mind and body. The school allows the student the choice of learning the fine arts and performing arts. While music and art and craft are part of the curriculum the student has the choice of learning western or classical dance.
Western Dance
Ably assisted by a qualified teacher our students dance and move to the rhythm of western music. This is a hobby of their choice and they have classes once a week to.
Classical Dance
A trained Kuchupudi and Bharatanatyam dancer trains the students in the traditional classical dance form once a week. They participate with vigour and enthusiasm.
Western Music/ Carnatic Music
Our teacher of music is well versed in both forms of music. In addition to this keyboard and guitar playing are added qualifications. Our children learn music as part of the curriculum and those who wish to take it up as a specialization learn it during the hobby periods allotted.
A healthy body and mind are essential for a student to give his/her best so the curriculum has yoga for the wellness of the mind and body. The yoga teacher makes it certain that every student does the asanas that will help him/her concentrate better. We have proof among our students themselves where yoga has changed their outlook to academics and performance has improved leaps and bounds.
Specialised Physical Fitness Programme (KOOHS)
This programme is internationally approved and designed for physical fitness. They are run with the mentorship of top sportsmen from the world over. All major games have coaches with national standings.
Keen on out door health(KOOH)
Kooh is one of India's leading sports education, training and Technology Company. TCS and HDFC two of India’s largest corporate houses have invested in them. They are one of the only companies in India focusing on complete grass root level sports development with talent in mind so that they can slowly but surely transform the perception of sports in India. In the shortest possible time frame they have engaged with top tier schools for in-school programmes, professional level training after-school hours sports, train the trainer programmes for school coaches and conduct yearly talent and team building initiatives. Furthermore they offer a comprehensive solution to schools (Nursery and K-12) so that the school benefits from all the efficiencies.
KID-FIT has emerged as one of the most popular curriculums for kids and has been widely adopted by schools and institutions across India. The curriculum is structured to teach kids fundamental movement and gross motor skills progressively in a ‘FUN’ way. The age progressive training module targets the kids from KG to Grade 2. With over 250 + fun activities using props and music, KID-FIT is designed to not only improve fitness and sport abilities but also help instil healthy lifestyle habits among kids and assist in their overall development. The activities are conducted by specialized KID-FIT coaches who are experienced in managing and engaging young kids. The programme focuses on very basic yet essential skills like loco motor and travelling skills, body and space awareness, jumping and landing, transferring weight, throwing and catching, chasing, fleeing and dodging, kicking and striking, injury prevention and safety, pathways and directions, balancing, co-operative learning, rhythms and dance.
Key Benefits of KID FIT
Encourages physical activities at an early age to ensure overall development and well being.
Helps in enhancing gross motor skills, hand eye coordination and balance. It also introduces the basics of running, jumping, throwing and catching that is fundamental to all sports
Kids understand the importance of being active, doing regular exercises and eating right
Encompasses use of shapes, colors, alphabets and body charts that supplements classroom education
Involves fun activities that facilitate team work and group interactions critical to improving social skills. The sessions imbibe positive behavioral traits and provide a positive outlet for expending energy

Get Athletic
Our solutions are directed towards integrating sports and classroom knowledge that allows students to see how ideas are connected. Teaching in such a contextual manner promotes independent ideas, critical thinking, and knowledge retention. Get Athletic is based on the fundamental that athletics is the foundation for all sports. Not only does the programme let a child explore his/her full potential and physical strength. The Get Athletic (GA) programme follows an age progressive curriculum that integrates multi-skill Sessions and innovative game formats like touch rugby, flag football, netball, and softball.
Key Benefits of Get Athletic
The GA programme augments the school’s existing sport delivery model or can function as a standalone PE (Physical Education) program that can be aligned with the schools’ timetable.
Monthly assessments and reports facilitates the progressive growth of the kids fitness and sporting abilities
Successful completion of the programme showcases measurable improvements in the critical areas of agility, balance, co-ordination, endurance, speed and strength
Most crucially, the GA programme makes kids active & fit.
PEAK: Physical Education, Analysis and Kinetics (Basketball & Lawn Tennis)
A sport activity is not only enjoyable for a kid but it also boosts creativity, expression, grasping power, confidence and leads to self-actualization. To bring this positive change KOOH Sports has developed a multi-sport programme: PEAK - Physical Education, Analysis and Kinetics. PEAK is a multi-sport programme for kids from grade 3 to grade 12 and offers 11 different sports.
About Peak
The PEAK curriculum starts with fundamental skills of a sport and progresses to develop specific and advanced sports skills
The programme uses field tested scientific curriculums
KOOH Sports provides highly experienced coaches along with state-of-the-art equipment for a session across all levels and all grades
Sports coaches conduct periodic and progressive assessments
Key Benefits of PEAK
Generates interest in kids towards specific sports Improves kids’ physical strength and provides due conditioning to their body
Exposure and experience in multiple sports
Technical specialisation
Periodic reporting and assessment
Nutrition workshops
Talent identification
We offer this programme to every student in the school.
Physical Educators
We have in addition physical education teachers one of whom is a national coach for sepaktakraw and the other who has specialized in indigenous games like kabbadi and kho-kho.