The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched --------- they must be felt with the heart. The core of this message is to create awareness among the citizens of the world to preserve what nature has given us. The eco club at Arbor promotes this thought and activities to promote sustainable development are fostered. Green Hour is one such effort.

Every subject has an importance of its own and Arbor wishes that their students can handle all subjects with ease. In order to make this convenient several programmes are incorporated in the academic year.

English as a language has universal appeal and to hone the skills of the students in Listening, Speaking Reading and Writing. Arbor conducts many events some included in the curriculum and others as competitions. A Book festival is organized for a week and several events to reinforce the importance of books

A weeklong activity based on reading is conducted. This is an annual event and the focus here is on improving reading skills that have taken a beating because of television and internet.

A weeklong event gives the students a peek into language and literature. Different activities to enhance the skills in speaking and writing English are conducted and prizes are given away to the winners.

Word building and vocabulary are of prime importance in using a language well and the programme Spelloons is conducted twice a month to learn words related to their studies in Hindi, Telugu and English.

Reading log is a monthly occurrence where students are encouraged to read for half an hour at home under the supervision of parents. The end of the month there is a crowning ceremony where students are honoured as Reading King and Queen. A student who has been consistently reading through the year is rewarded during Annual day with a special citation.

In addition choir poetry recitation, dramatics etc are also conducted.

The art of public speaking is greatly desired by all and sundry. The debating club at Arbor helps to hone the debating skills of the students using the four P’s ---------Passion, Preparation, Poise and Performance Debates are conducted at regular intervals both within the class and outside it on current issues thus promoting awareness of day to day affairs as well as teaching effective communication.

The school lays stress on learning every subject in as many ways as possible. The Math week lays emphasis on making mathematics easy and learning fun. A number of events are conducted to enable the students to learn the subject without fear.

Science plays a very important role in our lives and understanding this is very important for all, The weeklong science activities help the students to engage themselves in simple experiments and explain the pivotal role played by Science in their lives.

The popular adage Health is Wealth is of great significance in this fast paced world. Arbor wishes to create awareness among its students regarding this. A weeklong health campaign is conducted where guest speakers are called to educate the students regarding health issues. Dental and eye checkups are also conducted.

The school understands that not all children are endowed with the same abilities and there are students with special needs. To enable these students to join the main stream the school has provided a special educator and counselor who deals with their problems and if need be refers them to institutes where the parents get an in-depth analysis of the child’s problems.

This event aims at showcasing to the parents the progress of their wards at Pre- Primary level. A day long programme is conducted where the tiny tots teach their parents some of the concepts. This is differently designed and executed with the help of the students by the teachers.

We believe that every student has a talent and we do not deter to exhibit them to the public or parents. A Rainbow week is conducted where the toddlers learn and explain the concept of the colours of the Rainbow with varied activities. They also dress up in the colour theme for the week. Other than this every effort is made to send our toddlers for events conducted in other schools so that at an young age they gain in self confidence and lose stage fear.